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Best Commercial Embroidery Machines in 2023

You can use any kind of high-quality material and apply the finest thread and colors to your design, but you will only be good as the machine you use. It is the embroidery machine that will define how your creativity looks on the fabric, If the embroidery machine is not good then nothing would come to aid your embroidery design.  That’s why choosing a perfect embroidery machine is really important.

When you are looking for commercial embroidery machines, it means that you need a machine that can constantly be used for hours and hours; you need a machine that is reliable, durable, and sustainable. You are looking for a product that can withstand the test of time.  This is the reason we have gathered the list of the best embroidery machines

All the machines in the list are equipped with high-class features so that you can finish your medium to high-level commercial projects with ease. All these units are faster, better, and way more professional than their regular counterparts. Rest assured, all these machines are tried and tested. 

List of 10 Best Commercial Embroidery Machines

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000

Best  Small Business Commercial Embroidery Machine

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000
Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000
(image credit: Amazon)

The Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 is an extraordinary piece of equipment. It is regarded as one of the best professional machines of modern times. It comes power-packed with an array of high-level features that will let you sew with ease and efficiency. 

With a maximum embroidery space of 9.1 x 11.8 inches, you can embroider a bigger area with precision. Moreover, there are four hoops that come with this machine, and the GR hoop provides 9.1 x 11.8 inches of embroidery space.

As for the designs, the Janome 12000 has 425 built-in stitches which should be more than enough to get you started. Plus, it has 338 built-in embroidery designs which are quite incredible. We don’t think you would need to import more designs from the internet. 

However, you will have the option to access more embroidery choices via the Digitizer MBX software, and other software online. You can import designs from this software via a USB stick. The memory capacity of this unit is 4MB 

Janome 12000 has a larger LCD touch screen that lets you combine parts from 2 or more designs, apply text, choose a stitch selection process, access patterns, and set up the thread tension system. The machine also allows you to create and edit designs on your PC in real-time by connecting it to your PC.

As for the stitching speed, it is exceptional with 1,000 stitches per minute while providing stability and accuracy. In case you have issues viewing your work, the working area has 10 LED lights in five places. Also, there is an AcuView Magnifier to view minute details. Rest assured, the Janome 12000 will let you enjoy an easy, efficient, and consistent sewing experience. 

Some of the great features of this machine include 13 one-step buttonhole styles, the speed control slider, easy bobbin, easy thread mechanism, linear motion embroidery System, and stitch composer. All of these features allow you to express your creativity the way you want to. Plus, the machine offers over 40 accessories which means you won’t have to purchase additional supplies to craft beautiful designs onto fabric.

However, its computerized function is not easy to learn. Therefore, Janome 12000 is not made for beginners. Having said that, the machine offers a detailed, completely illustrated instruction manual to get you going.

If you are looking for a professional commercial machine that comes with all the modern features then Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 is the one for you. It is worth every cent as its stable operation delivers pinpoint accuracy for professional results. 

  • 338 built-in embroidery designs
  • Large embroidery area
  • Large LCD touchscreen
  • Fast stitching speed
  • Not meant for beginners

Janome MB-4S Embroidery Machine

Best Home Use Commercial Embroidery Machine

Janome MB-4S Embroidery Machine
Janome MB-4S Embroidery Machine
(image credit: Amazon)

The Janome MB-4S embroidery machine is a perfect choice for a home start-up embroidery business. With its very wide range of capabilities and high range features, it is hailed as one of the best heavy-duty machines that could easily withstand the test of time. It is one of the best machines that work 4 times faster than any other ordinary machine due to its 4-thread function. 

One of the major selling points of this machine is that it has four needles that can be simultaneously used with four differently colored threads. It means that you can easily create a beautiful multi-color embroidery design in a relatively short time frame. 

The Janome MB-4S comes with 50 built-in embroidery designs which are not what we expected from a high-end machine. However, this is a decent number to swiftly commence your projects. If, however, you’re feeling bored or don’t like these designs, you can modify an already existing design. Plus, you can also use a  USB stick to transfer hundreds of designs via the internet with the help of its inbuilt memory of 3MB.

The machine is equipped with RCS or the remote computer screen that lets you see a visual image of designs before you apply it to the fabric. It also allows you to choose, change and add new patterns with options of up to 65,536 colors. Moreover, you can link up the screen with several machines in case you don’t want to work on the machine’s own screen.

With a 9.4″ x 7.9″ or 238mm x 200mm embroidery area, you get a great opportunity to cover large projects with ease. Plus, the embroidery area is powered by four white LED lamps that allow you to work with high precision.

It has a fast embroidery speed of 800 stitches per minute so that you can complete your task in record time. Also, threading the machine is relatively simple. However, it is not automatic. You just need to stick to the color-coded printed paths with the thread and you are done, that’s it.

As mentioned, it comes with an array of features such as programmable jump thread trimming, stitches counter, automatic thread cutter, and a stitch out time indicator. All these features ensure your work remains clean and accurate while saving up time and improving your creativity. Not to forget, it has a 40 percent larger bobbin than normal ones so that you never run out of thread.

One thing that’s important to mention here is that it is not a simple machine. Its interface is quite complex which means it isn’t made for beginners or intermediate sewing practitioners. 

If you are looking for a powerful machine for commercial purposes then look no further than this Janome MB-4S Embroidery Machine. It is a high-end machine that comes jam-packed with advanced-level features.

  • Extra-large bobbins
  • Heavy duty
  • Large embroidery area
  • Fast embroidery speed
  • Very expensive

Janome Memory Craft 14000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Best Sewing Speed Commercial Embroidery Machine

Janome Memory Craft 14000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Janome Memory Craft 14000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine (image credit: Amazon)

If you are looking for a heavy-duty machine then go for this Janome Memory Craft 14000. It has been designed with the utmost delicacy so that it can sustain extreme pressure. It remains very easy to operate, this is why it’s often recommended for beginners who can afford it. Regardless of anything you choose to embroider whether it is towels, T-shirts, caps, flats, or bags, you can get it all done with this Janome Memory Craft 14000.

What is great about this machine is that despite being an advanced-level machine it’s very easy to control and customize. There is a highly responsive touch screen display that lets you access all the settings of the unit and edit whatever you want according to your preferences.

Doing embroidery on the Janome 14000 is very easy because you will have a large workspace to create your designs. It has a space of 230x300mm which is good enough for big projects. The workspace has 10 white LED lights that offer sufficient light for you to work in complete darkness. Moreover, there are 350 different in-built designs to choose from. You can also look for designs online and import them to the unit via the USB port.

Most of the time, it is utterly difficult to thread your needle as it can waste a lot of your time. However, this is not the case with the Janome 14000 as it has an automatic needle threader feature that lets you thread the needle by using a single button.

When you are working on a complex design, sewing takes a lot of time. However, this machine offers a maximum speed of 1000 stitches per minute which means that you can get your work done instantly. As for the stitch quality, it is accurate, precise, and consistent.

The Janome 14000 is equipped with the AcuFeed System for those who want to do quilting as it gets your fabric to smoothly feed into your machine. As for the fabric, you can stitch on any type of fabric. However, one thing that needs to be addressed here is that it is a heavy machine and therefore it is not a portable piece. It weighs 15kg. 

The Janome Memory Craft 14000 is a perfect choice for those who wish to get creative and efficient while saving money at the same time.

  • Fast sewing speed
  • Advance features
  • Large embroidery area
  • Heavy-duty machine
  • Not portable

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Best Reliable Commercial Embroidery Machine

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine
Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine
(image credit: Amazon)

If you are looking for a machine, who is a jack of all trades then this Brother PE 800 is the one for you. It is the most efficient, well-liked, and technologically advanced machine in the embroidery world. Although it has some extraordinary advanced-level features, that’s why it’s well-liked by embroidery enthusiasts.

The Brother PE800 has a large, 3.2-inch built-in LCD touchscreen display that will let you choose, edit, and view your patterns before you finalize the design. It also lets you scroll through the pre-programmed designs, and select fonts. You can make your design customized with choices to rotate, mirror-image, increase or decrease, and alter the size of your designs via this touchscreen. 

The Brother PE800 has an area of 5 x 7-inch which is excellent for adjusting large projects such as a jacket or other home items. Plus, You will also get a rectangular hoop which will be a great help in case the design on the fabric is too large. Moreover, for your ease, the working area will be perfectly illuminated when you will be embroidering.

As for the inbuilt designs, you’ll be equipped with virtually limitless embroidery designs.  The Brother PE800 has 138 built-in embroidery designs which include 11 lettering fonts, frame designs, and different border patterns. You will also have the option to import more designs via a USB port. Plus, it has 11 built-in embroidery fonts which will let you further decorate your design the way you want to.

The machine also has a stitching speed of 650 stitches per minute speed which is decent enough to finish your work quickly. Moreover, it has an easy bobbin winding system, a built-in thread trimmer, and many other features to make your work short and perfect.

Brother PE800 is easily one of the best in the business. It will let you complete highly complex embroidery projects faster and better without much of a headache and will also help you in producing consistently better results. It is also considered one of the best machines for beginners because of its user-friendly interface.

  • A fast and reliable machine
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for home business
  • Embroidery only machine

SINGER | Futura XL580 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Best Portable Commercial Embroidery Machine

SINGER Futura XL580 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
SINGER | Futura XL580 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
(image credit: Amazon)

The Singer XL-580 is a sleek, modern-day machine that’ll surely unleash your inner creativity. It provides you with truly endless possibilities with its high-level features to take your embroidery work to a whole new level. 

It offers 50 embroidery designs which are not a lot but enough to get you started. However, you can import other designs if you don’t like already programmed patterns. Moreover, the machine has a 6.75 x 4 inch Hoop which is perfect for crafting detailed borders on large projects.

As for the touch screen, it is highly intuitive and easy to use. You don’t need to be an expert to use its touch screen. Everything is available on the screen in case you want to edit, change and alter designs. 

It has a SwiftSmart Threading System which is the biggest timesaver. You just have to press the threading lever and follow the instructions written on the machine’s chassis which will help you on how you can get the needle through the groove. 

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to keep your hands continuously on the fabric due to fast sewing speed and that’s why the machine is equipped with a convenient knee lifter that will let you keep both hands on the fabric while embroidering.

If you’ve never done embroidering on an embroidery machine then this machine comes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions with markings directly on the chassis. Moreover, the machine works perfectly fine with thick and heavy fabrics while you stitch. Plus, Singer XL-580 is a lightweight machine with a heavy-duty metal frame, meant to withhold any pressure.

There is one thing that needs to be mentioned here is that although it is a modern-day machine but the design editing program is obsolete.

The Singer XL-580 is a smooth yet sturdy unit with an extra-large workspace and high-level features. If you are looking for a machine for larger projects like quilts, tablecloths, T-shirts, drapery then this is one for you.

  • Fast sewing speed
  • Sleek, small, and portable
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for heavy fabrics
  • Design editing program is obsolete

Janome MB-7 Embroidery Machine

Best Remote Computer Screen Commercial Embroidery Machine

Janome MB-7 Embroidery Machine
Janome MB-7 Embroidery Machine (image credit: Amazon)

If you are an ambitious and sewing enthusiast and wish to turn your favorite recreational activity into something bigger and better then the Janome MB-7 Embroidery Machine is the one for you. It provides lots of other things apart from its regular features to its customers so that they work with precision. 

The Janome MB-7 has an optional remote computer screen that is easy and simple to use. The Screen lets you resize, rotate and flip, group, re-edit, combine, duplicate, and alter the design without much of a hassle due to its simple interface. Also, you can connect this machine with a desktop computer or laptop via a USB cable.  All the embroidery data will appear on the remote computer screen. 

It comes packed with 50 onboard embroidery designs and 10 monogramming fonts which are enough for embroidering from scratch. You can also download many designs via a USB connection. 

Janome MB-7 has a maximum speed of up to 800 stitches per minute which is more than enough to complete your work in no time. As for the stitch quality, it is not extraordinarily good but decent enough to provide continuous and accurate stitches. Plus, it is a quiet machine though not as quiet as other premium machines are but still good enough to hear what other people are saying while you work.

The machine has a maximum embroidery field of 9.4” x 7.9” which is big enough to work on very large projects with ease. It also comes with three embroidery hoops. Plus, the machine is compatible with JEF; JEF+, and DST embroidery formats for easy usage.

It comes jam-packed with an array of features such as Programmable jump thread trimming, Flexible stitch traveling, Auto return after a thread break, Adjustable hoop positioning, 2 Sensors, Upper thread, Presser’s foot, stitch-out time indicator, Stitch counter, Independent bobbin winder, and Embroidery area tracing. All these features will save you time and will let you work with precision.

If you are looking for a fast embroidery machine then Janome MB-7 is one for you. It is a multi-needle embroidery machine, that’s why it is a really fast machine. It can deliver embroidery designs faster than most premium machines because it has seven threads and all of them can work at the same time.

  • Superfast
  • Multi-needle embroidery machine
  • Great features
  • Quiet
  • Requires big space to adjust

Janome Memory Craft 400E

Best Advanced Users Commercial Embroidery Machine

Janome Memory Craft 400E
Janome Memory Craft 400E (image credit: Amazon)

If you are looking for a reliable embroidery machine for your home business then this Janome Memory Craft 400E is a great choice for you. This machine is one of the most technologically advanced machines that you’ll see providing you the possibility of embroidering complex designs with ease. Plus, it comes at a relatively low price, that’s why it is a highly recommendable piece for budget orientated people.

The Janome 400E features a maximum embroidery size of 7.9” x 7.9”, which is pretty large. It can adjust your biggest designs without having to divide them into multiple sections. 

However, if the design is larger than the mentioned area then you can use its adjustable hoop positioning feature to accommodate the extra big design. The machine can also be used on tick and heavy fabric such as leather without having to worry about its stitch quality

The machine has a maximum embroidery speed of 860 stitches/minute which is extremely good considering its price. Moreover, Janome 400E comes with programmable jump thread trimming, an advanced needle threader, and an automatic thread cutter that will help you get laser-sharp precision.

Moreover, the Janome 400E has a highly responsive LCD touchscreen operation that will let you do literally everything by using your fingers. It has 160 built-in designs which is a lot. We normally don’t get to see so many designs, even in premium machines. You can use the USB port to get more designs as well.

The Janome Memory Craft 400E is a reliable and high-class machine that comes at a relatively low price. It is a great choice for those who are looking for a high-end machine while saving a big chunk of money.

  • 160 built-in designs
  • Excellent for thick fabric
  • Large embroidery area
  • Inexpensive
  • Not good for beginners

SE1900 Embroidery Machine

Best Affordable Commercial Embroidery Machine

Brother’s SE1900 Embroidery Machine
SE1900 Embroidery Machine (image credit: Amazon)

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced embroiderer, the brother 1900 will suit all your needs. It is a versatile machine that can be used for home, small businesses, and monogramming. It is relatively a simple machine with lots of features. 

The SE 1900 has a 5×7 inch field which is excellent if you are working on a larger project or on monogramming. The large area means that you don’t have to cope with a lot of rehooping which in turn would save a lot of your time. Moreover, the work area is powered by LED light so that you don’t make any mistakes while embroidering.

It has a big screen and thanks to this LCD touchscreen, allowing you to save your time and work without any headache. You can change, alter the color of threads; you can edit and combine designs and use different patterns. 

The Brother SE 1900 has 240 built-in sewing stitches which is quite awesome. You won’t notice that many options even in premium machines. It also offers 10 frame shapes, 11 fonts, 138 built-in embroidery designs with 10 buttonhole styles. It means you’ll be equipped with virtually limitless options to kickstart your embroidery career. Not to forget it has 7 English fonts to further decorate your fabric with great designs.

Features like automatic threader, my Custom Stitch option, automatic sewing speed controller, text on-screen editing, automatic height adjustment, 8 sewing Fett which include buttonhole, overcasting, blind stitch, monogramming, zipper, and zigzag, and quick set-up bobbin system allow you the much-needed flexibility to customize your designs

This machine will surely be your best friend for a long time. It has so many options such as fantastic speed, simple to use interface, durability, and is the most reliable unit on the market. It will surely take your embroidery skills to a new level.

  • A versatile combo machine
  • Lots of preprogrammed sewing stitches, and embroidery designs
  • Large embroidery area
  • Responsive LCD screen
  • Beginners need time to understand its interface

Singer CG590 Commercial Grade Sewing Machine

Best Deluxe Commercial Embroidery Machine

Singer CG590 Commercial Grade Sewing Machine
Singer CG590 Commercial Grade Sewing Machine (image credit: Amazon)

If you are looking for a decent machine with a considerate number of features then this Singer CG590 Commercial Grade Sewing Machine can be the right option for you. It is not a high-end machine but it has enough features to get you going.  Plus, it is a commercial-grade machine that is relatively cheap and inexpensive than most of the premium pieces. 

One of the main selling points of this machine is its fast sewing speed. It has a speed of 1100 stitches per minute which is the fastest in our review of the top 10 best commercial embroidery machines. When your machine has this much stitching speed, you are sure to finish your work in half the time than usual. 

The Singer CG590 offers three needle positions that can be changed as per your needs. Different needle positions come in handy when you work on projects like cording, topstitching, quilting, and inserting zippers. Moreover, the product is powered by a strong motor which is 60% more powerful than any other conventional machine. Plus, it is a highly durable and reliable machine that won’t let you down under any extreme pressure.

Singer CG590 comes with an array of features like Automated Pressure Control, Touch-N-Wind Bobbin System,  Adjustable stitch length and width, Automatic Threading, Easy Drop-In Bobbin System, and  Automated Buttonhole. All these features will make your work easy. Moreover, the machine has wider stitches. You can set stitches width up to 5 mm which come in handy for decorating borders.

As mentioned, Singer CG590 is not a high-end machine, therefore, it is a limited edition machine. It has only 18 inbuilt stitches, no LCD touch screen, and an average embroidery area.

If you are looking for a high-quality commercial-grade machine that promises high-quality sewing outputs then you should consider this Singer CG590. This unit is super fast and would provide instant and accurate results.

  • Great value
  • Fast
  • Different needle positions
  • Simple interface
  • Not a high-end machine

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

Best Women’s Choice Commercial Embroidery Machine

Brother PE770 Embroidery Only Machine
Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine
(image credit: Amazon)

The Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine is a true powerhouse. It has the features and the power of an industrial-grade machine. The machine is so good that you’ll get pinpoint accuracy while sewing the most complex designs. It is a perfect piece for those who like to work on quilts, home decoration products, and thick fabrics. 

The great thing about this Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine is that it is so simple and easy to use that anyone who has no prior knowledge of how to use an embroidery machine can also use it. A manual is also included for guidance so you can make the most out of it.

The Brother PE770 has an embroidery area of  5×7 inches in size which is much better than other premium and high-quality embroidery machines. Its large space offers you ample work area to make bigger and better monograms, jacket backs, Hats, and T-shirts, etc.

There are 184 sewing stitches already installed in this machine. All are of different variations. Moreover, there are built-in 136 designs that include 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles. Thus, you’ll be equipped with loads of options to customize your work. Plus, you can also rotate, increase or decrease image size according to your wish.

As for the stitch quality, it is superb. You will get the most accurate, precise, and consistent stitches through your design. Plus, the machine offers 11 sewing feet including overcasting, zipper, blind stitch, and others.

The Brother PE770 has a Backlit LCD Touch Screen Display that will let you control everything from changing the design to using an automatic threading system, everything is made easy with its LCD touch screen. It has a large inbuilt memory that will let you import and save hundreds of designs and patterns for your next embroidery project.

The Brother PE770 is a perfect commercial-grade machine that is full of modern-day features. Rest assured, if you choose to buy this unit, you won’t be needing any other machine for years to come.

  • Easy threading
  • The great stitch quality
  • Different speed control options
  • 25-year warranty
  • Black and White touch screen


Selecting the best commercial embroidery machine can be a difficult task especially when the market is filled with numerous high-quality embroidery machines. That’s why we did the research for you and gathered the list of the top 10 commercial embroidery machines. 

Every embroidery machine is very promising and will surely be a worthwhile investment to grow your business. However, we think that these three are the best:

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