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Best Fabric for Quilt Backing

If you’re a perfectionist, you’ll make sure everything is perfect no matter what you’re working on. It also holds true for quilt backing. The fabric is the first thing you should get right for the perfect quilt backing, and if you come here with that mindset, you will easily find the Best Fabric for Quilt Backing.

It’s too easy to get engrossed in the quilt top, where most of the ornamental work is there while designing a quilting project. The background fabric, on the other hand, should be chosen carefully. So, what is the most fabulous quilt backing fabric? Your requirements and tastes will influence the response. When choosing a quilt backing fabric, there are a few things to consider. Let’s take a closer look at quilt backing and the many options.

After all, we’ve spent hours researching to provide you with all the information you’ll need to select the ideal fabric! So whatever you want, you’ll find it here.

Best Fabric for Quilt Backing

What is Quilt Backing?

You may be wondering, “What is quilt backing?” before we get started. It’s the back layer, as it sounds. Quilt backing is also known as a quilt liner or just the back of the quilt. The quilt sandwich’s bottom layer, which includes the quilt top, batting, and backing, is called backing. 

You can fashion it from a single piece of cloth or a combination of fabrics. It is often composed of cotton fabric, although you can also make it from flannel, lawn, or fleece. A high thread count makes it difficult to hand quilt or, in some cases, machine quilt sheets or decorative cloth. 

There are fabrics designed expressly for giant quilt backings that are extremely broad, but you may manufacture your own using many pieces of fabric. Quilt backing designs are flowery in style, and you can use them to construct historical costumes, domestic things like curtains and pillows, and unique apparel! You can look at some fabrics for quilt backing.

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List of 6 Best Fabrics for Quilt Backing

Our 6 Best Fabrics for Quilt Backing can help you choose the right background for your quilt. Quilt backing fabric is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Wide quilt fabric backing, which may be up to 108″ wide, is ideal for covering your complete quilt back without the need for an additional seam. Here we have the best fabrics for quilt backing.

Quilters Linen

Robert Kaufmann’s Quilter’s Linen is an all-cotton fabric with the look and feel of linen. Quilter’s linen is an excellent choice if you like a light sensation. Many quilters choose to use this fabric in conjunction with their quilting weight cotton because it eliminates the problems that might develop when different types of fabrics are mixed. 

Moreover, it has a distinctively textured appearance that acts as a distinctive design feature. Quilter’s linen is cotton dyed to look and feel like linen, making it ideal for backing. It is also an excellent fabric for home decor quilting and sewing.

Essex Linen

Essex Linen is a natural fiber fabric made up of 55% linen and 45% cotton by Robert Kaufmann. It’s perfect for quilting backs. Essex Linen is a natural fiber linen/cotton blend frequently mixed with quilting weight cotton by many quilters who enjoy the texture it adds to their designs. Essex Linen is an excellent fabric for quilting and home decor crafts. If you want to try your hand at Essex linen fabrics, this is an excellent product to look at. 


If you want a more elegant final product than the usual design, Voile is a perfect option. Voile is a light, smooth, slightly transparent cotton. Due to its lightweight properties, people commonly use it for apparel, such as blouses, dresses, skirts, and scarves, but it’s also become a popular quilting fabric in recent years.

Moreover, quilts can be made entirely of voile or a combination of voile and quilting weight cotton. A voile backing gives a quilt top composed of cotton a smoother, silkier finish. 

Fleece Sheet

It would be cheap and energy-efficient for you to use fleece sheets as the bottom layer. How? These fabrics are, in general, long-lasting, water-resistant, and inexpensive. Because of their exceptional properties, you can use fleece sheets as a simple quilt backing option.


If you want a more comfortable option that won’t be affected by temperature, this is it. Flannel sheets are smooth and soft, and they are a good substitute for cotton sheets. People who desire ultimate comfort frequently wear flannel. It’s constructed of synthetic fiber, cotton, or wool and people mostly use it for newborns. Because flannel is so popular, it also comes in a broad range of colors and patterns.

Quilting Cotton

The most popular quilt backing material is quilting cotton. Quilter’s cotton is a high-quality 100% cotton fabric suitable for quilting. It appears to be the most excellent quilting fabric. While quilter’s cotton does shrink, it does so slower than less expensive cotton textiles. Although people should evaluate all fabrics for colorfastness before using them in quilting, higher grade cotton fabrics are great to deal with in this case.

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This alternative is trendy among novice quilters because it is simple to use and acquire. They’re usually offered in 44-inch wide portions, although 108-inch wide back variants are also common. Moreover, to minimize shrinking and fit concerns after the garment is done, the cotton used for clothing should always be prewashed and dried before cutting or stitching.

Final Verdict

Choosing the proper quilt backing for your project, no matter what your preference, has never been simpler. While quilting cotton is the most common choice for quilt backing as it not only has a lovely color and pattern, but it also has a lot of softness, which some of its competitors may lack.

There are a variety of other excellent materials also available. Depending on your style and intended use, you can also use fabrics like flannel, voile, and quilters linen as backs for quilts.

However, the best fabric for quilt backing will vary depending on your preferences, so don’t decide until you’ve satisfied all of your requirements. So, for your next project, get inventive and try using a few of these materials.

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