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Best Sewing Scissors – Our Detailed Guide 2023

Sewing scissors are one of the most significant tools that one needs to have to successfully complete their sewing projects. Bad-quality scissors can ruin your project for you and that is something we all wish to steer clear of. 

It is important to invest in the best sewing scissors. Even though they are not so expensive, they are seldom replaced. And why go through the hassle of replacing your scissors after every couple of months when you can simply buy a top-notch one and put all your worries aside for years to come!

If you are planning to buy new or replace your old sewing scissors, you must go through this article before choosing a new pair of scissors. This article comprises a buying guide and FAQs related to sewing scissors along with a list of the top 6 best sewing scissors on Amazon. 

So without any further ado, let’s get into it: 

Buying Guide for Best Sewing Scissors

To carry out sewing and quilting projects efficiently, you must have a pair of the best sewing scissors. As there are hundreds of options for sewing scissors in the market, it is a tough call to decide which one of them will be a perfect choice. 

So to help you reach a decision, we have listed down some key features of good sewing scissors below. Go through this buying guide to have a better understanding of the type of sewing scissors ideal for your project. 

  • Blade Length

It is important to choose the right blade length when picking a pair of sewing scissors. If you wish to make intricate cuts with a longer blade, you won’t end up with neat results. You will barely be able to complete the project without a shorter blade length. Similarly, if you are buying a pair of sewing scissors for quilting-related projects, you will have to go for a longer blade. 

  • Blade Material

While sewing scissors come in a variety of blade materials, the most common ones are stainless steel, carbon steel, and titanium bonded. Let’s see which one of them is a better choice and why:

From our perspective, titanium bonded blades make for better and sharper sewing scissors. They also retain their sharpness for longer than stainless steel and carbon steel blades. During the bonding process, titanium bonded blades also acquire resistance to adhesives and corrosion which makes them a better choice out of all three. 

Besides, there’s not much difference between the prices of these three. So why not go for the one that promises more sharpness and durability?

  • Handle Material

Having a comfortable and ergonomic handle is a plus point in any pair of scissors. Such handles provide a greater grip and are easier to use. This makes it easy to use the scissors for an extended period without hurting your hand. 

  • Weight

We cannot emphasize how important it is to choose sewing scissors with appropriate weight. You do not want to go for too lightweight or too heavy. Sewing scissors that are lighter in weight will be unable to perform up to the mark. Whereas, using heavier sewing scissors will strain your hand making you incapable of concentrating on the project for a long interval of time. 

  • Protective Sheath

Even though most sewing scissors do not come with a protective sheath, we’d suggest you go for the ones that do. That’s because a case or sheath protects your pair of scissors and increases their durability. It also prevents the blades from forming rust or corrosion, hence they stay sharp for longer. Most importantly, protective sheaths reduce the chances of accidental injuries caused due to the mishandling of scissors.

Now that you know about the most useful features of sewing scissors, let’s move on to the next section of this article. Following mentioned are the list of 6 best sewing scissors for you to choose from. Let’s have a look:

List of 6 Best Sewing Scissors in the Market

Gingher’s Dressmaker Shears

Amazon’s Choice

Gingher’s Dressmaker Shears

(image credit: Amazon)


Brand: Gingher | Origin Country: Italy  | Color: Silver | Material: Alloy Steel | Length: 8 inches | Weight: 8.8 ounces


  • Wide handle holes.
  • Minimal air resistance and drag.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Not prone to rust and corrosion.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Value for money.


  • Blade sharpening cost is too high.

Marked as Amazon’s choice, these dressmaker’s shears can easily be labeled as one of the best sewing scissors. It has a high rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars speaks for its supreme quality itself. Not only can these scissors be used for sewing projects, but they can also come in handy for many other tasks as well such as they can be used in the kitchen. 

Whether it is the seam that needs some trimming or long swaths of fabrics that need to be cut, these shears can be used for the rescue. The sharp blades make it easier to cut through more than one layer of fabric smoothly. We have tried and worked them through stiff as well as thick fabrics without putting in any extra effort. Our favorite feature of these scissors is the handles of these scissors that are bent to ensure maximum accuracy and smoothness when making tabletop cuts. 

Another benefit that comes with buying this pair of scissors is that Gingher offers repair services on all their shears and scissors. We don’t have to worry about finding a proficient repairer to fix the scissors for us, instead, we can simply get in touch with the customer service representatives at Gingher and get our scissors repaired against nominal charges. 

These shears also come with a protective sheath to minimize the risk of any accidental injuries. Many other companies and brands are yet to come up with this idea. Hence, this can also be considered as Gingher’s unique selling point.

For a well-made pair of scissors, these sewing scissors are sturdy and ideal in quality. Also for approximately $23, these scissors are quite reasonable in contrast with their features

Fiskars Heritage Seamstress Scissors

Best Runner Up

Fiskars Heritage Seamstress Scissors

(image credit: Amazon)


Brand: Fiskars | Color: White | Blade Size: 8 inches | Blade Material: Stainless Steel | Handle Material: Plastic | Origin Country: Finland | Weight: 1.6 ounces  | Price: $15.91 


  • Rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • Makes precise cuts. 
  • High in quality and durability. 
  • Comfortable to use. 
  • Value for money. 


  • The blade tends to lose its sharpness quickly. 

These stainless steel sewing scissors by Fiskars are the best thing that we have gotten our hands on. They are made using top-grade material which is why they are durable and sturdy. Cutting through multiple layers of even the heaviest of fabrics with them feels as smooth as butter. Whether it is wool that you need to cut or denim or silk, these scissors are the perfect choice for it. 

With the Fiskars Heritage Seamstress scissors, you can make cuts with precision and accuracy. The proprietary blade grinding method ensures a sharp blade which makes it easier to cut the fabric starting from the bottom and to the top. 

Another plus point of these scissors is their ergonomic handles which help ensure a strong grip on the scissors for a more confident cut. Since the blade is made out of stainless steel, it does not rust or corrode with time. This results in the scissors living a longer life and retaining their sharpness. 

The product has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars which are quite impressive. It has over 600 reviews, most of which are positive. And the best part: they are not even expensive. Priced at $15.91 only, these scissors are undoubtedly one of the cheapest and the best sewing scissors in the market. 

Fiskars is a company well-recognized for its high-quality blades and these scissors will live up to your expectations. We suggest you give them a shot because they are totally worth the money!

Westcott Soft Grip Scissors

Most Comfortable Sewing Scissors

Westcott Soft Grip Scissors

(image credit: Amazon)


Brand: Westcott | Country of Origin: USA  | Color: Grey and Yellow. | Blade Size: 3.5 inches. | Weight: 0.38 pounds. | Price: $11.67 | Blade Material: Titanium bonded blades. | Type of Tip: Pointed. 


  • Fairly reasonable in price.
  • Adjustable at the joint. 
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Multipurpose. 


  • Does not come with a sheath. 
  • Performance not as good as the others.

These soft grip scissors by Westcott are the perfect choice for those who are in search of a good pair of sewing scissors on a limited budget. At the price of $11.67, you can get 2 pairs of scissors which are quite great especially considering the quality of these scissors. 

They can be used for multiple purposes such as in offices, schools, and homes. Whether you want to cut through layers of fabric, paper, vegetables, or open packages these should be your go-to scissors for everything. They cut through surfaces smoothly and swiftly with extreme accuracy and precision. 

The titanium bonded blades offer more sharpness than the stainless steel blades which makes it a better option. In addition to that, these blades tend to last longer so you will not have to sharpen them quite often. 

The handles of these scissors are ergonomic and hence provide a stronger grip and maximize the level of comfort for the users. It also makes it easier to cut through things without putting too much pressure on the hand and exhausting it as a result. 

One of the best parts of getting these sewing scissors is that Westcott provides a lifetime warranty on them. So if you ever encounter a problem with these scissors, you can always get in touch with Westcott’s customer service to get them replaced. 

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by over 20,000 users, we believe these scissors are definitely worth the money. 

Fiskars Razor Edge Soft Grip Scissors

Best Selling Sewing Scissors

Fiskars Razor Edge Soft Grip Scissors

(image credit: Amazon)


Brand: Fiskars | Color: Black | Country of Origin: China | Blade Material: Stainless Steel | Blade Length: 8 inches | Overall Length: 10.5 inches | Weight: 5 ounces | Price: $26.99


  • Sharp stainless steel blades.
  • Rust and corrosion preventative.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Soft grip handles for enhanced comfort.
  • Easy to use.
  • Makes accurate and precise cuts on even the thinnest of fabrics. 


  • Super expensive as compared to the rest of the options.

These sewing scissors are another edition to this list by Fiskars. If budget is not a problem, one should definitely consider buying these. They have an outstanding rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon with over 1500 positive reviews which are a good enough reason to convince yourself to order them. 

While they are so far the most expensive option on the list, they are also probably the sharpest one. The blades of these sewing scissors by Fiskars are as sharp as a razor and the good part is, it retains their sharpness for long instead of dullening over time like many other scissors. 

What’s even better about these scissors is that they can be used for multiple other reasons besides sewing projects. From paper cutting to vegetable chopping, they are a good choice for almost everything. 

The stainless steel blades are another strong feature of these scissors. Having stainless steel blades is quite a relief as it allows the user to use the scissors more roughly since you don’t have to worry about them rusting and losing their functionality.

With these scissors by Fiskars, you can cut through multiple layers of even the heaviest of fabrics easily and without tiring your hand in the process. That is the purpose of the soft grip handles! You can work with these scissors for hours and not feel even a bit of fatigue by the time you finish the project. 

In a nutshell, they are definitely worth buying as you can never go wrong with a product manufactured by Fiskars! 

Singer Pro Series Heavy Duty Bent Sewing Scissors

Most Popular Sewing Scissors

Singer Pro Series Heavy Duty Bent Sewing Scissors

(image credit: Amazon)


Brand: Singer | Color: Teal | Country of Origin: USA | Blade Material: Tempered Forged Steel | Length of Blade: 8.5 inches | Weight: 0.1 pounds | Style: Resistance | Hand Orientation: Both Right and Left. | Price: $10.25


  • Sharp blades that make cutting as smooth as butter. 
  • Can be used for multiple sewing projects.
  • Light on the pocket. 
  • Smooth and rust-resistant blades. 
  • Strong grip on the handles. 
  • Can be used to work on heavy fabrics.
  • Easy to hold.


  • Do not come with a warranty. 

In search of a sharp pair of scissors for your crafting and sewing projects? Guess you finally found one. The singer is a name well-recognized among people due to its high-quality products. These sewing scissors by Singer are also one of the best of their creations and investing in them could be the wisest decision one can make. 

Starting with its ergonomic handles, they make it easier to hold the scissors. Ensuring a strong grip and enhanced degree of comfort, these scissors can be used for an extended time without feeling even the slightest of pain or discomfort. 

And for those who prefer a combination of design and function, these are a must-have for you. Their teal and black combination gives them a vibrant and more attractive look than any of the other scissors mentioned above!

The blades are deep-seated and the edges are sharp like a razor to make cutting a smooth and hassle-free experience. From denim to silk or wool, these scissors can be used to cut through more than one layer of all types of fabrics

Another one of the best things about these scissors by Singers is that they are fairly reasonable if compared with its features. The high rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars by over 4000 users seconds this statement. Plus, considering the brand name, we believe it is quite a great offer.  

Westcott Premium Tailor Scissors

Best Price Sewing Scissors

Westcott Premium Tailor Scissors

(image credit: Amazon)


Brand: Westcott | Color: Red and Black | Country of Origin: China | Weight: 7.4 inches | Length of Blade: 9.5 inches | Material: Stainless Steel Titanium Bonded Blades | Style: Classic | Price: $10.35


  • Sturdy structure and durable in nature. 
  • Super sharp blades that make cutting through various layers of fabric easier and fun.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Inexpensive. 
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Comfortable to use. 
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant. 
  • Blades stay sharp for a long time. 
  • Can be used for many projects.


  • The design is a bit old school. 

With an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, these scissors by Westcott can easily be counted among the best sewing scissors in the market. They have many features that make them competitive among the other sewing scissors. 

The blades of these scissors are made from titanium bonded plates. Not only are titanium bonded plates sharper than stainless steel blades, but they also tend to retain their sharpness for long and don’t dull quickly over time thus relieving you from the hassle of sharpening the blades after every few weeks. 

In addition to that, the handles are soft and ergonomically designed. We believe this is a very significant feature as it allows the users to carry out their sewing and crafting projects for hours without exhausting or hurting their hands. It enhances the comfort level which is something everyone looks for when buying a pair of scissors. 

A promising feature of these scissors by Westcott is that they can cut up to 18 layers of fabric at once; such is the sharpness of its blades. Unbelievable, right? What is even more surprising is that they cost only $10.35, which to us, is a reasonable amount of money charged for something as good as these pair of scissors. 

As we have now narrowed down your options for you, let’s discuss the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding sewing scissors:


We hope this guide has cleared a lot of things for you. Now you can make a well-informed decision as you are fully aware of the useful features and the ones to look out for. 

Do not entertain any further second thoughts and scroll back up to the list of 6 best sewing scissors mentioned above. Not sure which one of them is really the best? Here’s what we suggest: 

Gingher’s dressmaker’s shears are the absolute best in our opinion. They come with the sharpest blades and even come with a protective sheath to protect your hand and to keep the blade safe. They are inexpensive and yet offer some of the best features. We say they are worth a shot! 

Though at the end of the day, it is your choice to make. Good luck choosing the sewing scissors that you think will be most suitable for your projects!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The answer to that varies from scissors to scissors, you should check in with the description of the ones you are considering buying. However, it is recommended not to overload them with work and only cut through a few layers of fabric at a time.

It is important to pay heed to the maintenance of your scissors for preserving their shape and sharpness. Here are some things that you can do to maintain your scissors:

  • Clean the blade after every use. 

Even though fabrics do not leave behind an apparent residue, it is still better to wipe the blades clean after you are done using them. Lubricating them with oil is also a good idea as it will protect the blades if they are prone to rust or corrosion. 

  • Use a protective sheath.

Placing a sheath over your scissors when they are not in use is a great cautionary step and it will also keep your scissors safe and protected. 

  • Don’t use them for other purposes.

While most sewing scissors can be used for multiple purposes, avoid doing so. Keep your sewing scissors strictly for the use of cutting fabric. This will enhance their life and also keep them sharp for long. 

  • Protect them from damage.

Avoid bringing them near to objects that could cause damage such as sewing pins. Cutting through a pin can damage your sewing scissors beyond repair. So, it is better to be safe than sorry!

You should only sharpen the blades of your scissors when necessary. Continuing to sharpen them when they are working perfectly will only wear them out before time so it should be avoided unless the scissors stop functioning properly. 

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