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Full Review Brother PE770: A Present-Day Wonder

Regarded as a Present-day wonder, the Brother PE770 embroidery machine is a prime example of state-of-the-art machine technology. This machine has been created with the utmost delicacy to support and enhance your hobby.  

The Brother PE770 is an innovative unit with an array of amazing and impressive attributes to take your craft to the next level. It remains one of the most used Brother machines mainly due to its unmatched working experience. 

Brother machines

One of the main reasons that it’s one of my top picks when it comes to the best embroidery machine is that it offers an embroidery experience like no other. I simply love working on this machine thanks to its several time-saving functions. It’s an exceptional piece with virtually every feature available to make your working experience smooth and convenient. That’s why I have named it a present-day technological wonder. 

A Few Thoughts on Brother 

Brother is hailed as one of the best and prominent manufacturers of sewing and embroidery machines in the embroidery field. It is regarded as the pioneer of technological advancement in the embroidery world. All the products that Brother makes are of top-notch quality; they are long-lasting, sturdy, and reliable.

Salient Features

I’ll review some of its best features that make this unit distinctively separate from its competitors. 

Large Working Area

Brother PE 770 offers an expansive 5″ x 7″ embroidery field so that you can easily toil on a wide range of projects on varying fabrics such as tote bags, and jacket backs. The embroidery field is more than enough to work on extensive designs and lettering without rehooping. However, if you are working on very large projects like designing on blankets, you may well have to rehoop. Having said that, the working area is more than enough for most of the embroidery projects.

One-Touch Needle Threader, Automatic Thread Cutter, and Quick-Set Drop-in Bobbin mechanism

Brother PE 770 also included those features that make your work simpler, easier and effortless. It has an automatic needle threader to automatically thread your needle. Moreover, it also has an easy Quick-Set drop-in bobbin mechanism to save your time. All you have to do is just put the bobbin in the box on the base of the machine and pass the thread through it. 

Moreover, it also has an automatic thread trimmer to cut and trim the threads of the top and bobbin automatically. Another feature that deserves attention here is the lovely double-snap design of the spools, meaning that the snaps at the upper and the lower parts do not let the thread from unrolling.

Fantastic Stitching

This machine offers a stitch speed of up to 650 stitches per minute. You can manually as well as automatically control its speed via the lever of the machine and a button. I personally felt great while using different stitches. I compared its stitch quality with other machines’ stitch performance and I found that all the stitches produced on the fabric were high quality, consistent, and even, proving that this machine belongs to the top tier. 

High Number of Pre-installed Designs and Decorative Stitch options

There are 136 pre-installed designs along with 6 lettering fonts, 10 frame shapes, and 12 border styles to make your work simple and easy. The frame pattern and border style will be used to add the finishing touch to your project. Moreover, all the designs are outstanding with some designs resembling ancient patterns. Design options vary from scrollwork and intricate florals to many more.

Moreover, you can also create your own design by mixing a few pre-existing designs. You can also download more designs from iBroidery. com via a USB stick. And, the great thing is that it has a large memory and therefore, you can store many designs from the internet. 

Furthermore, there are 184 decorative sewing stitches to go with. Thus, you have literally unlimited options to make your work distinct from others. The decorating stitch options vary from scallop, smocking, shell tuck, to heirloom, scallop, and many others.

Extra Card Slot

Another feature that would be hard to find on other high-end machines is that apart from built-in memory, there is also a built-in embroidery card slot that can be used to import more designs, patterns, and stitches. 

Large and Highly Sensitive Touchscreen 

In order to preview your work, there is a 1.4″ x 2.7″ touch screen LCD display that lets you fully control the unit. The touch screen display is highly intuitive and very user-friendly. There is nothing complex about it; when you open the screen,  all the options will be in front of you. You can easily navigate and choose your options without any hassle. Plus, the screen lets you access extensive editing options such as mirror image, redesigning, resizing, previewing, and rotation. 

Extra Long Warranty 

The House of Brother offers a 25-year warranty. However, it isn’t unlimited. There are time periods mentioned that explain how you can claim the warranty. During the first year, if any discrepancies or any fault appear in the machine, the company will bear the brunt. Next, you’ll get a 6-year warranty on the machine head and 2 years for the electrical parts, and a further couple of years on labor with a 25 years warranty on the chassis. Moreover, you’ll get free assistance from the phone and free updates via email. 

Easy Maintenance 

As far as the maintenance goes, it’s very simple. It doesn’t require any money to maintain it. It is just that you’ll have to keep a close eye on the machine parts from time to time. Always look after the delicate parts; if they become loose, tighten them. Moreover, don’t let dust build on the LCD screen, bobbin system, and other movable parts. 

Extremely Simple and Easy To Use

There is nothing complicated about this machine. Everything is smooth and simple; you don’t have to worry about anything. Just open the LCD screen and start your work. There is a to-the-point and comprehensive instruction Manual given in the box along with the online tutorials supported on the screen to guide you straight away. Therefore, it won’t take any time for you to get accustomed to all of its specs. Moreover, features such as an automatic needle threader, thread trimmer, and easy-to-navigate touch screen give you loads of creative freedom.

The Negatives

Large and Heavy

One thing that I am really concerned about is that it’s a big machine with loads of weight and therefore, it isn’t portable. It requires a large space to work with. Nevertheless, considering its other features and price tag, it isn’t really a big deal. Plus, most of the high-end machines require some space to work with.

Choosing the Right Setting For the Embroidering

Another con that I felt is worth mentioning here is that sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right setting for embroidering. First, there are too many designs to choose from which could confuse anyone. Moreover, there are so many options that work differently that sometimes it is difficult to choose the right option for your needs. 

 My Verdict

The Brother PE770 is a remarkable machine that’s without a doubt one for the ages. It’s a fast-paced machine that’s an excellent piece for home and business owners. Moreover, this feature-loaded unit produces professional finishing for all your projects. You’ll barely find any discrepancy in the machine apart from the ones I have mentioned. Plus, it’s relatively easy and simple to use; beginners won’t find it any difficult to get accustomed to this machine. It offers good value for the money as it has got a 25-year warranty to go with. 

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