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Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

Rated as one of the best Brother machines, the Brother PE800 is a highly reliable, well-liked, and technologically advanced model that offers high precision and great accuracy. It’s a top-tier machine that provides you with truly endless opportunities to take your craft to another level. It is an extremely versatile machine that contains a mixture of both advanced and basic level features to meet the needs of every level of an embroiderer.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

One of the major reasons for its popularity is that it offers great perfection when it comes to embroidering. I absolutely love the way everything is organized on this machine. Everything looks so simple even though it’s an advanced-level machine. It just took me a few minutes to understand its interface. Although it has some drawbacks, it’s a masterpiece that has virtually every feature to meet your needs.


  • 5″ x 7″ embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery foot
  • Four bobbins
  • Basic needle set
  • Cleaning brush
  • Bobbin cover
  • Three screwdrivers
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Spool caps in various sizes; mini to large
  • Spool net
  • Accessory bag
  • Dust cover
  • Instruction manual

Salient Features

Here are some key features which have been discussed below that make them distinct from other machines.

The Expansive Embroidery Working Area

The PE800 has a large embroidery field of 5″x7″ which is perfect for medium to large designs. Plus, the embroidery area is good enough for you not to rehoop many times. However, if the design is extra-large then you might well have to divide your project into small portions and also adjust the hoops to accommodate the larger designs. However, very rarely you’ll find an extra-large design that doesn’t fit on this expansive embroidery area

A large Number of Built-In Embroidery Designs

This technically advanced piece has a large number of inbuilt designs. There are 138 preinstalled patterns with each design different from the previous one. These designs contain floral, holiday, decorative designs, and many more patterns. There are 26 designs having floral letters in overall 138 designs. On top of that, you can also download many more designs courtesy of its large in-built memory.

You can edit the design by rotating mirror imaging and increasing or decreasing the design size. All the design features and how to use them are available on the 4th and 5th pages of the design guide. The more detailed knowledge regarding each design is on page number 18 that’ll let you know which needle can be used for the type of fabric and also gives you an idea about the estimated time of project completion. Moreover, the machine comes with a CD having 15000 designs on it for your ease.

There are also 11 fonts included to further personalize your design. 7 of them are English letters with 3 Japanese and only 1 Cyrillic.  You can search online how Cyrillic, English, and Japanese letters work. The embroidery guide also shows how to work with different fonts and how they look in your work in the design guide chapter. Plus, this machine also includes 10 frame shapes along with 14 border designs.  The frame shapes include a circle, square, rectangle, and other shapes such as heart, and octagon. 

Editing Options

What I really like about this machine is that it offers really incredible editing features. You can completely edit the existing design on the screen and also completely transform it into the new design. However, the design can not be made from scratch. Nonetheless, you can drag and drop varying embroidery patterns and also move them as per your needs. 

The editing options can be navigated through the touch screen where you choose different fonts from preinstalled 11 fonts and also choose different border designs via its border design options. Plus, you can also use your own made design saved in the machine’s memory or in the USB drive. Plus, you can change pattern size, change thread colors, combine together different patterns, combine letters and frames too. Moreover, it also has pre installed instructions in the form of tutorials that you can watch if you face the slightest issue.

Perfectly illuminated Work Area

When working in a large area,  the embroiderer needs proper lighting conditions so that it’s easy to work. This Brother PE800 also has an expansive working area which is perfectly illuminated by the built-in LED lights. The LED lights are perfectly placed in different positions so that you can work on intricate details with ease. The two LED lights are placed in such a way that the working field between the embroidering area and the space around the needle is perfectly lit.

Free Motion Quilt and Appliqué

You can also use this machine for quilting purposes too. However, you’ll have to download the designs for quilting as there are no pre-existing designs for quilting. For quilting, all you have to do is just lower the feed dogs and your machine will be ready for free-motion quilting. Bear in mind that you’ll have to buy the necessary equipment for quilting. As for appliqué, it can be done, but you need to download designs for it too. 

Large LCD Touch Screen

This unit has a large, 3.2-inch pre-installed LCD touchscreen display. Using this color LCD display is a lovely experience courtesy of its full-powered touch screen which is so sensitive and easy to use that you’ll absolutely love it. It’s the main hub of the machine. Here, you’ll find plenty of options such as choosing, editing, and rearranging your designs to start the work automatically, everything is just one touch away. 

Plus, I really like how the touchscreen is so detailed, everything is crystal clear. Moreover, you can also use a monogram design and curve the letters too in no time. Here, on the touch screen, you can scroll through the pre-programmed designs, choose fonts, and make your design personal with options to rotate, mirror-image, and increase and decrease the size of your designs. 

Machine Software

Unfortunately, there is no pre-installed software on this machine. However, you can always buy from Amazon, Etsy, embroidery, or any other online store. There are many popular software available in the market such as Hatch Embroidery, SewArt, and Embrilliance. If you want to know how they’ll work on your machine, you can avail yourself of their free trial. 

You can also buy free embroidery software such as Ink/Stitch software. However, you need to check whether it is compatible with your machine or not. Here is our guide on the best embroidery software which precisely tells what you need to look for in software before purchasing it

Moderate Speed 

This machine is a moderately fast machine. It hasn’t got a really high speed but a decent speed of 650 stitches per minute. However, it could further decrease as per the design complexity level. Although 650 stitches per minute isn’t fast, it is much faster than other embroidery machines at a similar price tag. You can also change the speed of stitching via the settings on the LCD display. You can definitely stitch a large logo design in just a matter of 10 minutes with this machine

It is perfectly fine for beginners. In fact, it meets all the needs of a beginner. It’s simple, easy to set up, and has a large number of advanced-level features to meet the beginners’ requirements. 

Easy Bobbin Winding System

The bobbin winding system is pretty easy. It’s perfectly built for newbies who haven’t used any embroidery machine before. The bobbin will be wounded on the upper part of the machine where the instructions are also given on how to use and thread it. Remember you don’t have to thread it yourself.  If you don’t understand how to wind it, you just have to follow the manual instructions and everything will be done in an instant. 

The Automatic Features

Built-in Thread Trimmer and Automatic Thread Cutter

This machine has plenty of automatic features and a built-in thread trimmer is also one of them. It is convenient and made for those who become tired of trimming the threads after completing a project. This feature will automatically trim the threads to make your task easy and simple.

In order to fully cut the threads, you can use its automatic thread cutter or you can also use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the threads. The automatic thread cutter itself cuts the thread after you sew each thread onto the fabric.

Automatic Needle Threader

Brother PE800 is also equipped with a built-in needle threader which is extremely easy to use. It’s an important feature if your eyesight is weak or you find it extremely difficult to get the needle to pass through the needle threader.

It uses a small lever that has a hook to fetch the thread and pass it through the eye of the needle. However, it might be difficult for some people to use this feature and therefore, always be ready to manually thread the needle.

Some information Regarding Embroidering

This machine isn’t a multi-thread embroidery machine, it only uses a single thread for stitching. Therefore, you need to change the thread each time when you are done with one thread. If you don’t know how to change the threads, you can always search online or use tutorials available on the touchscreen that will guide you regarding the thread-changing process.

All the options can be navigated through the touch screen. Nothing here is manual except for the thread-changing process. Because this is an automatic embroidery machine, you won’t see a foot pedal in it.  Everything will be controlled via the touchscreen. Moreover, there are different buttons such as the start and stop button and thread trimmer button to make your easy.

If you are a beginner, never try to use the full stitch speed because it could ruin your fabric. Initially go with a slow speed and gradually increase the speed as the design needs.

Final Verdict

The Brother PE800 5” x 7” Embroidery Machine is a worth investing machine. Although it’s an embroidery-only machine, it offers top-class performance as it lets you create exquisite and sizzling designs in virtually no time. It has every feature that you look for in a high-class embroidery product. Plus, it’s simple yet effective and works well with all levels of embroidery. The great thing is that it’s an easy to set up, affordable, organized, and reliable machine. Overall, it’s a lovely machine that is worth your attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

PE800 is one of the easiest machines to operate and this is why it’s perfect for beginners. Plus, it is easy to thread and use and has a large number of advanced-level features. Moreover, the price is also affordable for a newbie. The great thing is that there is nothing complex about this unit, its interface is simple and all the instructions can be found in its very informative user manual and the quick-start guide. Plus, there are also instructions available on the body of the machine. Moreover, there are loads of tutorials available on Youtube so that you can easily know how the machine works. 

The Brother PE800 embroidery machine can be used in all kinds of fabric. However, the thickness needs to be below 3mm. Therefore, the fabrics which are overly thick then they will be extremely difficult to embroider. Moreover, you will have to use the correct needles according to the types of fabrics. Another thing which you should bear in mind is that you might use different stitches for different designs. Therefore, if you want to know more about different types of stitches then jump onto our post on different types of hand embroidery.

Because this machine is a computerized machine, it comes with a computer connectivity feature. Therefore, you can connect this machine to the computer to import more designs and download different options to make it easy for you to work on this machine. The designs can be downloaded from You can also use other websites as well but these designs should be compatible with your machine

The Brother PE800 embroidery machine has its own embroidery patterns. However, you can also import more designs from the internet. Nonetheless, you can’t create your own design on it as there are already pre existing on this machine. You can create your embroidery pattern via different methods outside of the machine and then import it into the machine via a USB drive. However, you need to remember that the design you’ll be importing must be compatible with the machine. This machine is only compatible embroidery patterns in a .pes, .dst, .phc and .pen formats. 

This machine has a 25-year warranty. In fact, all the products from the house of Brother have a 25-year warranty. However, the warranty can be claimed if you purposely use the machine improperly. Plus, there are certain time limits given which you need to read before starting the process.

As mentioned the Brother PE800 is an embroidery-only machine and therefore it only serves purposes related to the embroidery needs. This cant is used for everyday sewing. If you want to know more about sewing machines then have a glance at our post on Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine.

It depends on the fabric. Some embroiderers use and some don’t. It does not depend on the embroidery machine. However, most people use the stabilizer as it lets you easily transfer the design to the fabric. Plus, it also lets you prevent material bunching and puckering when you work on your project.

Both the machines are some of the best among all the embroidery machines. However, the Brother 800 is exclusively for embroidering and Brother SE600 is for both sewing and embroidering. Moreover, the embroidery area is expansive in the PE800 as compare to SE600 which has an embroidery era of 4″x4″. Plus the features of PE 800 are exclusively for embroidering purpose and therefore it has more embroidering features as compared to the Brother 600 which has features for both sewing and embroidering and therefore, it has less embroidering features.

The first problem I encountered with this machine is that it’s a dedicated embroidery-only machine and there were times when I needed to switch to sewing machines to embroider a monogram or stitch a design. So, it does not fully fill my sewing needs. Plus, there were times when the machine didn’t work well with some threads. The thread pulled out or the machine stopped working. However, after certain hiccups, the process becomes smooth and flawless. Finally, I had to rethread after every color change. It was a bit problematic for me as it was a time and energy-consuming process.

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