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Detailed Review Of Brother SE400: A Modern-day Masterpiece 

One of the most alluring machines from the house of Brother, the Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine is an automatic embroidery machine that features a long list of unimagined attributes. Although it has been around for many years now, it is absolutely a jam of a product for the modern-day embroidery and sewing practitioners mainly because it offers tons of great options to enhance your craft. 

Brother SE400 review

What makes this unit so special is that it offers an excellent sewing experience. Most of the embroidering practitioners love it; I personally felt astonished while working on this machine thanks to its 165 unique formats. This is one of those machines behind which a lot of thought process and hard work has gone into to make it a simple yet perfect machine with loads of innovative features all around. In short, I call it the modern-day masterpiece.

Some Thoughts on House Of Brother

Brother is one of the most trusted brands in the world particularly due to its versatility in manufacturing top-class products. All its products are affordable, long-lasting, and versatile. Rest assured, you’ll not be disappointed by any of its units. 

Salient Features Of Brother SE400    

Highly Responsive Touchscreen

Brother SE400 embroidery machine features an amazing and highly responsive LCD touchscreen display. The LCD screen features an easy-to-follow guide with multiple tutorials. Moreover, its computer connectivity lets you download loads of designs from via a USB connection. 

What I really like about its touch screen display is that you can experiment with different designs by playing with its varying fonts and other features which encourages your curiosity to the peak. Its highly sensitive touch screening is the main hub for all the design options. Here is where you choose your stitches, patterns, and many other features along with some key pointers. Moreover, if you don’t want to tap the screen, again and again, the Brother has also included a tap pen to conveniently make changes to the working of the unit.

Intuitive Needle Threader, Thread Cutter, Stitch Length and Width Options

Unlike other affordable machines, this machine has an intuitive and one-touch automatic needle threader which is simple, fast, and extremely easy to set up, meaning that you won’t have to thread the needle manually. Plus there is an automatic thread cutter that is used for cutting the top and bobbin thread; you can use its services by the touch of a lever. You can also adjust your stitch types as per your requirements with each stitch can’t be longer than 5mm and the width can’t be wider than 7mm. Both the settings are aligned via touch screen.

High Number of Built-in Stitches  

You’ll have the chance to select a stitch from 67 stitches preinstalled stitches. You can choose any type of stitch depending on your need and requirements for the pattern. Moreover, there are 98 stitch functions to add to your list, giving you access to virtually unlimited options to create whatever image you have in mind.

Excellent Sewing Experience

From my observations, the sewing experience was excellent. I compared its different stitch styles on varying fabrics with other machines’ stitch styles. I found that the stitches were smooth, even, and consistent with no penchant for unraveling. The designs produced were aesthetically pleasing. In short, it produced remarkable embroidery pieces. 

Diverse Design Options with 5 Lettering Fonts and 100 Framing Patterns

With this machine, you aren’t only gonna get an array of stitch options but you’ll also be empowered with more than 70 built-in marvelous designs which are added to the menu list to decorate your fabrics. These are more than enough to get you going. Moreover, you can also create your own design by experimenting with pre-existing designs.

You can also choose one of the five font options offered by this machine to personally enhance your design. These fonts are also essential for monogramming. Plus, there are also over 100 framing patterns that will let you add a personal touch to your work. This diverse range of options is difficult to find in other cheap machines. Moreover, it is a lightweight machine with a weight of almost 10.9 pounds.

Easy Maintenance

Most machines require a high cost of maintenance, but this isn’t the case with this machine. It has a super easy maintenance system. You just have to properly look after its delicate parts such as the LCD screen and bobbin. You need to keep them cleaned and prevent dust from attaching to them. 

Moreover, you also have to keep an eye on movable parts and don’t let filthy air particles build on them. And, whenever the screws or any other part gets loose, you have to tighten them in time. And most importantly, you need to cover the entire unit whenever you aren’t using it. Thus, it has cost-free maintenance which can easily be managed by you. 

Besides this, you can also substitute essential parts such as needles, LCD screens, and others by buying them from the store. As far as the warranty goes we’ll talk about it later in the article.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, it is super simple; even a beginner who has no prior technical knowledge of machine embroidering can use it without having to indulge in the depth of the embroidery machine. There is a manual provided which guides you about each and every step. Plus, there are features like an effective lighting system, automatic thread cutter, and automated thread cutter which make your life super easy. Moreover, the directions printed on the machine are clear and easy to follow.

A simple Glance at Other Features

  • Perfect Lightening System: The lighting system over the workspace is perfect. The LED bulb offers bright illuminations that let you see the tiniest of details with ease.
  • Easy Button Work: The machine has a backlit start button. Its light turns green when you use this machine. There are also automatic, 1-step buttonholes which are very consistent.
  • Ease of Setup: It only took me a few minutes to set this machine up for embroidering. I followed the instructions on the manual to use it as there is no dexterity required to set it up.
  • Decent Embroidery Field: For embroidering, you’ll get the embroidery field of  4” x 4”. It’s not a large workspace but sufficient enough to work on medium-level projects. For larger projects, you will have to divide the design into small portions.

Long Warranty 

The House of Brother mostly offers a warranty period of 25 years for its products. On the other hand, most of the high-end brands don’t offer that much warranty. However, there are time frames that have been provided that enlighten you on how to use the warranty in case of any issues. 

You’ll get the full warranty of one year. In this time period, if any discrepancies appear in the machine, the company will look after it.  After that, you’ll get the circuit warranty for the next 5 years, and for the remaining years, you will be provided with the warranty for the chassis. 

In addition to it, the company will provide you free customer service along with regular updates. The company will also substitute the parts if necessary. On the other hand, if you abuse any part of the machine, you’ll not be provided the services.

My Verdict

Brother SE400 is both a home and commercial level product that features state-of-the-art technology and produces an excellent performance on both fronts- sewing and embroidering. I would recommend this machine for any level of embroiderer due to its wide range of automated features which makes it effortless and convenient to use. Besides, it’s super easy to use and maintain and offers a long warranty of 25 years which makes it worth buying.

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