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How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Are you learning how to thread a sewing machine and would like to learn how to perfectly stitch your clothes? A sewing machine is no less than a lifesaver, as, with the help of it, you can create amazing dresses and perfect designs. Invented during the first Industrial Revolution, sewing machines have helped people in decreasing their workload and enhancing the stitching process. 

If you want to sew a heavy-duty fabric like denim or leather, then a sewing machine can be great for making things useful. We understand how stitching a fabric can feel overwhelming at first, but if you follow the right kind of tips and tricks, then you won’t have to face any kind of trouble during stitching. Read on to learn all about sewing machines and also the right way on how to thread a sewing machine. 

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Is it Important to Thread a Sewing Machine? 

Threading your sewing machine refers to a process that includes loading an upper and lower thread into your machine. To create stitches in the fabric, the sewing machine then weaves both of these threads together. Knowing how to thread a sewing machine is important as leaving the thread unthreaded may cause issues to the stitching process. Also, a thick or thin thread also matters, as the thicker your thread is, the more visible and stronger your stitches will be. 

Wondering How to Thread a Sewing Machine? 

Are you still feeling reluctant about threading your sewing machine? Do you already find this task daunting and want someone else to do it for you? Keep in mind that not everyone will be around when you want to thread a sewing machine so it will be better if you learn to do it yourself. When you learn how to set up a sewing machine you will also quickly learn how to sew and the whole process won’t seem overwhelming anymore. To make threading a sewing machine easier and less challenging for you we have brought you a step-by-step guide that you can easily follow. 

Step 1: Start winding the bobbin 

Start winding the bobbin

Bobbin refers to the lower spool of thread that is important for your machine. When placing the spool on the top of the sewing machine, make sure that the spool is turned so that the thread is released counter-clockwise. After that, thread the two threads through the two small holes in your empty bobbin and then cover the central pillar several times with the thread. If you have any confusion about placing the thread, you can follow the manual provided with the sewing machine as well. After that, press the foot pedal of your sewing machine so that the bobbin begins to unwind. 

Step 2: Wrap thread around the thread guide

Wrap thread around the thread guide

Then the next step that you should follow is that you will have to wrap the thread around the thread guide. If you want to learn how to thread a sewing machine the right way, then you will have to pull the end of the thread from the spool out of the sewing machine. To make sure you are carrying out this step correctly, bring the thread from the back to the front side and then check the machine diagram to see if the thread is working correctly or not. 

Step 3: Work on the thread process 

Work on the thread process

For a correct and proper threading process, you will have to follow directions and a process so that you don’t skip out on any important steps. Pull the thread towards you, and then create a loop on the bottom so that a “U” shape” can be created with the thread. Once the “U Shape” has been created with the thread, take the lever towards the top and then again towards the needle. Repeat the process and pull the thread back down the machine. Insert the thread through the small eye in the needle and then pull out the thread from the other side. 

Step 4: Set up the lower compartment 

Set up the lower compartment

Once you have worked on the thread process, then you should move towards working on the set up of the lower compartment. Remove the silver part from the lower compartment so that you are able to see the bobbin case. Once the place is clear, you will have to insert your threaded bobbin inside. Usually, the silver-coloured compartment comes off easily, but if it doesn’t, you might have to try a little harder. At times, there is an additional cover that covers the bobbin, so make sure that you remove that as well. Moreover, ensure that you place the thread correctly and pull the end to unwind a few inches from the bobbin. 

Step 5: Place the bobbin in the compartment 

Place the bobbin in the compartment

Once you have set up the lower compartment and are sure that all things seem fine, then move towards placing the bobbin in the compartment. If you are confused or have no idea how to proceed, then you can refer to the instruction manual to see what direction should your thread go into. Once you follow the instructions given in the diagram, you will see how fairly and easily the thread unwinds. After you have put the bobbin into place, you can close the compartment and make sure that you have closed the lid properly and it isn’t loose. 

Step 6: Start a stitch test 

Start a stitch test

If you think that you have followed all the steps properly and the sewing machine threading process is completed, then go for a stitch test. For the stitch test, you will have to connect the two threads and then use a needle to catch the thread. Once the thread has been caught, put it back into a loop and pull up the needle up and down, again and again until the process is done. Incase, you are not able to make proper stitches you will then have to check the compartment to see if the thread is moving in the right direction or not. If there is a problem with the thread then you will have to loosen some of the thread to make a proper stitch. 

Few Tips on How to Thread a Sewing Machine 

Are you a beginner who is just learning how to thread a sewing machine, or do you want to become better at using a sewing machine? Either way, we are here with a few beneficial tips for you as they will help you thread a sewing machine much faster and efficiently. 

If you are long-sighted but have trouble seeing things that are near you, then we suggest that you keep an extra pair of glasses with you. This way, you will be able to insert the thread into the needle easily, and you will be able to see the needle hole without any trouble. If you are having trouble inserting the thread, then you can also trim the thread ends with a sharp scissor or even wet the end of the thread with a little bit of saliva. Once the end of the thread is moist enough, it will be easier for you to insert the thread into the needle. Another option is that you can use extra light to thread the sewing machine so you can get direct light on the sewing machine. 

Furthermore, you can also watch YouTube tutorials to thread a sewing machine as this way you will be at ease. Also, YouTube videos are quite helpful, so when you watch them, they will be detailed along with a step-by-step guide. 


At first, threading a sewing machine can seem like an overwhelming or challenging job, but if you follow the right kind of steps and follow everything with detail, it won’t be an issue for you. It is natural for everyone to be a little scared before you make your first stitch, but no need to worry as, after a few sewing projects, it will feel like second nature to you. Moreover, we hope that the entire guide was helpful for you and you were able to understand everything in detail. This guide will be great for you as this way you will be able learn all the basics about threading a sewing machine without any worries.

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Threading a sewing machine is important and a crucial part of the stitching process that shouldn’t be ignored. If you don’t thread a sewing machine properly, the machine will not stitch correctly nor will it produce clean stitches. 

The quality of thread matters a lot in a sewing machine which is why the heavier or thicker thread you use, the more visible the stitches on your outfit will be. Also, keep in mind that you will need to adjust the tension on your sewing machine according to the thickness of the thread that is being used. 

It might be a little tricky to thread a sewing machine, but if you slowly start threading it, you will be done in less than no time. 

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