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How To Thread a SINGER Sewing Machine 

Who doesn’t like to style the latest clothes and designs, whether they are going to a party or a hang out with friends? Have you ever wondered about what machines are made use of so that you can wear whatever clothes you want? Well, it is the sewing machines. Sewing machines not only stitch your clothes or help you appear stylish, but they also reduce the effort that is put in through stitching by hand. 

Have you recently purchased a singer sewing machine but don’t have an idea about how to thread a singer sewing machine? Do you want someone who can properly guide you through the process and all the basics of threading a machine? Let us get started right away then! 

What Does It Mean to Thread a Sewing Machine? 

Threading a machine refers to the process of creating a screw thread. In  this, you load both an upper thread and a lower thread into your sewing machine. Both of these threads weave together and help you create stitches on the fabric you are working on. Remember that you will only be able to create proper stitches if you thread the sewing machine properly. If you fail to do so, then your stitches won’t be neat or in a proper line. 

Pros of Threading a Singer Sewing Machine 

The threading mechanism is a very important part of a sewing machine as it helps guide the thread from the spool to the needle. Only if the thread passes through the proper guides in a systematic order, only then will the machine perform the stitches properly. When you thread the sewing machine, it encourages effortless stitching, increases the strength and durability of the stitches, and stitches in a straight line. 

Is Sewing with a Singer Sewing Machine Beneficial? 

When it comes to the sewing machine market, Singer is one of the most reputable ones, so if you opt for a singer machine, thing won’t go wrong for you. A singer sewing machine is an easy-to-use sewing machine, that comes with everything that you need. The best part about this sewing machine is that it claims to be durable enough, which means you can stitch heavier fabrics like denim and leather without worry. It is also one of the best machines out there, so even if you are a beginner, you will get to work on all the functions that are provided. 

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Learning How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine 

Are you interested in learning how to thread a singer sewing machine? If you have recently purchased a singer sewing machine, you might be wondering how to thread it, as each sewing machine slightly differs from the other. 

Threading a singer sewing machine can be a little tricky, but if you use the right equipment and instructions, you will be able to do this very easily. 

Step 1: Refer to the instruction book 

Refer to the instruction book 

When looking to thread the machine, it is recommended that you refer to the instruction book. The instruction book will provide you with a clear idea of threading the machine along with some dos and don’ts that you should always keep in mind. The user manual or the instruction book also comes with diagrams which makes it easy for you to follow the process step-by-step. Also, if you go wrong on a certain step, you can always refer back to the user manual to see what you have missed out on. 

Step 2: Start with winding the bobbin 

One of the most important parts of a sewing machine, a bobbin, is required when you start to thread the sewing machine. When you have a singer sewing machine, make sure that the bobbin is compatible with the sewing machine and lies on top of the machine properly. Before you attach the bobbin, you can always check the model of the sewing machine and see if it matches with the bobbin or not. After that you can move towards the next step. 

Start with winding the bobbin

Step 3: Set the thread on the spool pin 

Once the bobbin has been placed properly, you can also place the spool on top of the singer sewing machine. If you have a horizontal spool pin, then you will require an appropriate spool cap so that you can ensure the spool doesn’t come off during the stitching process. however, if your spool pin isn’t horizontal, then it will be your choice if you want to place the spool cap or not. There are some singer machines that also come with a spool pin felt, so if your machine has it, you can place the thread under the thread spool as well. 

Set the thread on the spool pin

Step 4: Work on the thread guide 

Work on the thread guide 1

Next, you will put out the thread and then pass it through the first thread guide of the machine. You will be able to do this step easily if you have done this on other machines, as the thread guide is very similar as well. Then you should wind the thread anti-clockwise around the tension disc and ensure that the thread passes easily through the disc. When you hear a small pop, you will immediately know that the thread has passed through the disc. If you don’t know what the disc looks like, then it is a small and round piece of metal located on the sewing machine. 

Work on the thread guide 2

Step 5: Load the bobbin inside 

When you want to load the bobbin inside the sewing machine, rotate the hand wheel clockwise and raise the needle to the highest position. Then, open the bobbin case at the bottom of the sewing machine and place the bobbin inside, following the arrows that are drawn. For example, if the arrows say that the left part of the bobbin should go inside first, then you should follow the instructions as it is. 

After that, connect the bobbin thread with the top thread and make sure that there is enough thread and you don’t fall short on it. Also, once the thread has been placed properly, you can shut off the lid of the bobbin case and put it back under the needle. The needle that you previously raised can be brought back down now. 

In case something goes wrong, or the thread doesn’t come up properly, then you can repeat the process or turn up the upper tension. 

Load the bobbin inside

Threading a Singer Sewing Machine – Essential Tips 

When you are sitching to sew your clothes, you wouldn’t want things to go wrong or to make wrong stitches at a crucial time. If you are new to threading a singer sewing machine, it can be a little tricky for you, especially if your eyesight troubles you at times. Before threading the sewing machine, make sure you trim the thread a little and then grab a pair of scissors so that you can make sure the thread is cut in a proper angle. 

When you lick the thread and make it a little wet, it will become much easier to pass the thread. Moreover, make sure you have extra light around when threading a sewing machine so that you are properly able to insert the thread. Also, hold the thread close to the needle so that you have more control over getting the thread into the right place. 

If you are still unsure about how to thread a singer sewing machine then you can also use an automatic needle threader. You can also check your singer sewing machine and see if it has the option of using an automatic needle threader or not. 

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Can you not wait to get started with threading your singer sewing machine? Do you think a guide is all what you need to start the threading process? We hope that the details and information that we have shared above will prove to be useful for you, and you will be able to follow the step-by-step process. Moreover, at first, it is normal to feel that threading is difficult or tricky, but if you practice and become good at it, then you will learn everything within no time.


At times it can be difficult to see a thread guide which is why people face difficulty threading a sewing machine. If you have sufficient light or a good eyesight, then you will be able to thread the sewing machine easily. 

Sewing by a singer sewing machine isn’t that hard, but if you get the basic steps right, then it will make all the difference to your stitching journey. Moreover, if you practice regularly and give time to the machine, the stitching journey will become simple and successful. 

Singer sewing machines are one of the best in the market and are known for their good quality stitching and materials. Many professionals use these machines as they are known to be quite long-lasting. If you have a good budget, then singer sewing machine is the option that you should opt for. 

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