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Why Is Hand Embroidery Is The Most Expensive?

Hand embroidery is still a  popular art today. The process of hand embroidery is time-consuming and requires high levels of skill. This means that the average piece of hand embroidery can be quite expensive. Additionally, materials used in hand embroidery are often hard to find, meaning that even small pieces can cost a lot of money.



The cost of hand embroidery is directly proportional to the time it takes. It is a tedious and time-consuming process that requires your full focus and energy as you have to make each stitch very precisely and accurately with your hand. We can’t tell you the exact time as each project has a different design, size and complexity. 

But usually the time it takes to embroidery a blouse by hand is around 5-6 hours While embroidering on a bigger piece of fabric can take upto 10 days depending on the complexity and density of the design. 

How to calculate the cost of Hand embroidery

How to calculate the cost of Hand embroidery

You can calculate the cost of hand embroidery by adding the cost of material, assets/tools and the time of stitching. For example, if the piece of fabric, embroidery floss and seed beads cost you $22, then the total cost of your material is $22.Now add the $1 tools/assets cost such as embroidery hoop, needle, floss holder, embroidery basket and scissors. Now your total cost of material and fixed items i.e your tools, is $23.

Now the cost of stitching, for example on average you make 45 stitches per minute and 2700 stitches per hour. If you charge 1cent per stitch, then it would make $27 per hour. And if a piece of embroidery takes 10 hours to complete then the total cost of stitching would be $277. If we add $23 into $270, then the total cost of embroidery would be $293.


In conclusion, hand embroidery is the most expensive form of embroidery because of the time and labour that goes into it. It is a skilled craft with centuries-old traditions, and people who know how to do it are in high demand.

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