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Does Hand Sanitizer Stain Clothes

Hand sanitizers are a common way to prevent the spread of germs. However, many hand sanitizers contain chemicals that can stain clothes. Some hand sanitizers are also known to cause skin irritation. In this article, we are going to answer the question whether hand sanitizer stains clothes or not.

What is hand sanitizer made of?

Hand sanitizers are of two types. One is alcohol based and the other is benzalkonium chloride based. Alcohol based sanitizers are very common and easy to use. These sanitizers contain at least 60% alcohol which is usually ethanol or rubbing alcohol. Alcohol based sanitizers are popular because they are smooth and dry on your hands. 

While the non-alcohol based sanitizers do not contain alcohol, rather they use benzalkonium chloride which is an effective germ killer. These sanitizers are like soap and less convenient to use because you need to use them while washing hands. 

Does Hand Sanitizer Stain Clothes?

Alcohol is one of the main ingredients of commonly used sanitizers because of its effectiveness against germs. It’s also used as a stain remover because it has the ability to act as a bleaching agent. For alcohol there’s no difference between stain and color so it can make the color fade leaving a spot on the clothes. 

How fabrics can be affected by Hand Sanitzer?

Fabrics can be damaged by hand sanitizer in a number of ways. The alcohol in the hand sanitizer can break down the fabric’s fibers, causing it to lose its shape and become brittle. The hand sanitizer can also cause colors to bleed and fabrics to fade.

Will rubbing alcohol bleach clothes?

Although alcohol can clean the stains, it can also leave its own spots on the clothes as it acts as a bleaching agent. 

Does alcohol discolor the clothes?

Yes, alcohol can make the color of your clothes fade because of its mild bleaching properties. 

Does hand sanitizer stain jeans?

Because of its bleaching properties, it also has the ability to leave stains on jeans. 


To wrap it up, commonly used sanitizers contain alcohol which has mild bleaching properties and can make the color of your clothes fade,  leaving behind spots on your clothes.

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