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Tips for Setting up a Craft Room

Crafts Room is the place where you give shape to your creative ideas and thoughts. It’s your play area where you can do cool things and solve problems with more focus and concentration. Setting up a good crafts room requires a bit of planning and some guidelines to be considered, which, if done rightly,  can boost your creativity and productivity.

Here are 10 tips to set up your craft room properly. 

1- Floor


The type of Flooring depends on your crafts types. Whether you need a carpeted floor or a wooden floor, or you might need a room with a marble floor. A carpeted floor might not be suitable if you work with chemicals or paints. If your crafts involve things that are prone to fire then you shouldn’t choose wooden flooring either. The marble floor is the right choice in most of the cases. 

2-Room Size

Room size also needs to be considered when setting up a craft room. You need to have a look at your crafts types and tools you need. Whether the room has enough space to allow you to store all the tools and material you need plus enough area for your crafts table. 

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3- Disturbance free

Crafts involve creativity, distractions and disturbances kill the focus. your craft room must be away from active places in your house. It should also be away from noise so you can think peacefully and come with creative thoughts. You should also try to make the room soundproof so that external noises do not affect your focus.

4- Privacy

Privacy is the main concern when thinking of setting up a craft room. A craft room is your personal space, and your personal space must have some privacy from your siblings and your little annoying cousins.

5- Right Kind of Table

Right Kind of Table

Table is the crucial part of your craft room. Your productivity and energy to work would depend on the type of table you have. If your table has the right height, is comfortable,  and has enough space to put frequently used tools and materials on it, then you would be able to work longer without getting tired. 

6- Shelves


Shelves are the most essential part of a craft room. Shelves can be opened or closed. You should put your frequently used tools and things on the open shelves and less frequently used tools in closed shelves for better organisation and manageability. 

7- Organisation

Organising your tools and materials is one of the most important things to do in a craft room because you cannot afford to search for a needle in all of the shelves everytime. 

You need to organise your tools by their type, frequency of use and their size. 

8- Accessibility

Accessibility is the main factor which defines your productivity. If you have organised your tools and material in a proper way so they are accessible easily while crafting, without the need of a second person.

9- Lightening


Lightening is the key thing because your quality of crafts would depend on the lighting factor, whether you can see things clearly or not while crafting without having too much stress on eyes. 

10- Safety


Creativity comes with risks, Safety is the most important thing to take into account while doing anything that involves risk of getting physical injury. You must have a fire extinguisher always in your craft room. You must also have a first aid box available right on the open shelves in case you get any injury while using a scissor or any other tool. 

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In conclusion, if you want to set up a craft room, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. By following these tips, you can create a space that is perfect for your needs. So get creative and have fun with it!

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